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There's blood on the moon.


*barf* Dec. 4th, 2004 @ 01:45 am
Wendi is all kinds of sick. I think she was out of bed today for a total of about two hours and probably an hour of that was spent in the bathroom throwing up. Wish her the best. She really feels horrible. Like "hurts to roll over" kind of horrible.

And when you’re done with that would you mind saying a little prayer for me as well...I don't think we both need to have this.

Long day @ work. I'm turning in...G'night.
I seem to be feeling: distresseddistressed
Rockin' out to: The Misfits "American Psycho"

attack of the 50ft urinal. Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 01:57 am
Wendi swung by the station on her way home form taking a final this evening to take me to dinner. We rolled into Beaver and rocked some Long John's.

Well, we got our food and began to sit down. I however could not sit down...I HAD to pee. I have like a three thousand cup coffee mug and had killed it about a half hour before she got there to pick me up. And I am sure you all know how coffee can go through ya.

Anyway, I make my dash to the restroom and do I get to have happy time with the urinal? Nope. I swear to you I had to stand on my tip-toes and aim for the sky. The bowl of that urinal was a good five feet off the ground. That's just about two and a half feet too high for this guy!

I was victorious it, but it was close.
I seem to be feeling: uncomfortableuncomfortable
Rockin' out to: Testament "Signs of Chaos: The Best of Testament

minty gas. Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 07:13 pm
Stuart (guitarist for Atomic Jo & co-worker) brought up a interesting question @ work...and now I bring it to you.

If you intake was nothing more than water to drink and mints to eat for like three days...would you have "minty gas"?

Ponder that, or let me know what you think. Hell if you are feeling saucy you can try it. I welcome that as well.
I seem to be feeling: satisfiedsatisfied
Rockin' out to: Ministry "Houses of the Mole"

remember the time... Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 12:41 am
So, I remember, back in the day when I used to write in this thing all the time. Like three or four times a day or something. I miss those days. Granted life has been busy for the past two months or so, but that is no excuse. I'm back though (@ least I think). I miss this journal. I miss the fun people that I never actually see. I miss when people tell me they read this thing (even if they are just saying to make me feel good). Anyway, the moral of the story is that I am back. There you go.

Quick life update before I go...and I do mean quick.

*Got promoted to the Director position at the station a few weeks ago. I am the director of the 5pm & 11pm news shows.
*Our house has bunches of lights on it. Including some really big ass inflatable bulbs...you have to see them to believe them (pics as soon as I get a new battery for the digital camera).
*Wendi and I went to our first NFL game two weeks ago in Charlotte.
*That's all I can think of right now. I need to go to sleep. My wife has been in bed without me for the past two hours because I was watching the Gator documentary (finally).
I seem to be feeling: chipperchipper
Rockin' out to: I can't get that damn "Somebody Told Me" song out of my head

:o Sep. 29th, 2004 @ 08:07 am

That's all you get...too busy...sorry to disappoint...more later!
I seem to be feeling: busybusy
Rockin' out to: too busy for music!
Other entries
» ivan.
As soon as I got to work this evening I (and everyone else in the newsroom) had an email talking about how we were all on call for the weekend and our newscasts should pretty much focus on weather, because of Ivan...that leads me to the point...

We don't have our own weather person here. Channel 13 out of Huntington sends down weather packages for us to use about a half hour before the show and we do live weathercasts with them durring the show also. Well, about 10 minutes ago we get a call from Huntington...now keep in mind how much emphasis we are supposed to be putting on the storm...The weather anchor slept in! Of all the days, this is the one she picked to sleep in. And the thing is we don't care...for once it won't be our ass.

Let it rain!
» news is fun.
So, I have been on the job for a few days and I gotta say it is definitely more exciting than Master Control. I haven't gotten to put my feet up and watch TV for hours on end @ all yet. Time goes fast though. That's always awesome when you have to be working.

I feel like such a dork about it all too. Wendi and I were eating some tacos for dinner tonight and the news just happened to be on in the background. I happened to notice, out of the corner of my eye that they were showing a story that I ingested that morning. At that very second I put my taco down and, with a big smile on my face, I watched and thought to myself, "I so did that!"

Can't help it though. It excites me.
» i tried this once before...
I tried to update this thing Thursday night/Friday morning (depends on how you look @ it), but that didn't really work. LiveJournal died on me or something. Anyway, the biggest thing I wanted to say is that I got myself a little promotion. I am now the Associate Producer @ CBS 59, and I am typing this from work right now...How much fun is that?!

Gotta be quick though, as Sundays will prove to be my busiest nights. I just wanted to share that with you fine persons.

Got "The Beast" fixed too. And let me tell ya...runs like a dream!

» clangity-clang-clang
Went to Concord for the first time this semester. I just haven't had time to go any sooner. Wasn't there long, but it was nice. Well, except for all of the construction. There is so much orange fencing that it looks like one of those vests that a hunter would wear. I really just got some fraternity stuff done while Wendi met with someone about class, then we had to get home.

Amanda, sorry I missed you. I am the Co-Adviser for my old fraternity and I unexpectedly had some things I had to tend to during my visit. I'll do my best to catch you next time around.

In other news I finally took the guy who is going to fix my truck the money for the parts. I'm getting all kinds of stuff done. His exact words were, "You shouldn't have to bring this thing back for another 100,000 miles." Music to my ears. Now I can save my money for some new tires and some bucket racing seats. ;)
» evita is the third member of icp.
So, I just finished watching Evita, only because I was getting paid for it. Let me just start off by saying that I am, by no means opposed to musicals. I actually like them. And not I'm not just talking about Rocky Horror, Tommy or Hedwig...You all might not know this but I have a real sweet spot for The Sound of Music (no laughing). That being said, Evita may have been one of the worst things I have ever seen. The only bit of joy I got out of it was when I realized that it reminded me of Shaggy 2 Dope's part in Big Money Hustlas, where he raps for the entire move. Most musicals @ least have some dialog, but it just seemed like anything anyone said, no mater what it was, especially Madonna, was in song...bad song.
» bush skipps like a scratched record.
Watched a good chunk of Bush's speech the other night. (Can't help it, I get into that political shit) While watching I learned two things:

1. Our current president is very long winded. (speech was 62 minutes)
2. He broke nearly every single promise from his 2000 speech.

In 2000 he spoke about Social Security, taxes, health care, education and jobs; and how much better he and the Republican party were going to make them. And how has he done:

*Social Security is in trouble of be eradicated.
*Taxes are only getting better for the upper class. Yes, he gave the country that one big break, but all that did was escalate the national deficit. He didn't cut taxes. He took money that we didn't have and passed it out to the country.
*I'm pretty sure that I heard a little tid bit on a news program the other day that said more Americans are without health care/health insurance that @ any other time in recent history (1900-2004). I wouldn't call that an improvement.
*Not only are educational budgets getting cut all over the place, but this "No Child Left Behind" crap is hurting schools and students of all calibers across the nation.
*He touts the fact the the unemployment rate has dropped across the nation, but he leaves out the fact that none of these jobs are coming with benefits and all the jobs with benefits are getting thrown overseas. Hell, take WV for instance. He has come here on many occasions and told us how wonderful it is that our unemployment rate has gone down, but all of our industrial jobs are gone and those people are working for peanuts @ Wal-Mart now.

I wonder if our country will be so blind in November that they won't realize that he already promised all these things and has already had 4 years to make them better with no success. He shouldn't get another 4.

Granted he did say more than that, but it was all the same stuff we have been hearing about 9/11, Homeland Security and how much safer we are (yeah, right). It was just very uninspiring.

The sad thing is, that if Kerry doesn't get off his ass and start "acting" instead of "reacting" to everything the Republican party says about him, ol' "W" is going to get a 2nd term.
» finally...

</font>Ozzfest...revisited.Collapse )
» i found them...
I should really be showering and going to bed right now...

However, I came across the worst driver ever. Only difference between me saying that and someone else...I'm serious. Here is the tally for the trip home from work:

Average speed (not counting stopping @ lights) - anywhere between 75ish and 7 mph.
Times in wrong lane: 27 (may have lost count)
Times off road: 16
Times off road (on wrong side): 3
Times brakes were slammed for no reason: 6
Number of times their sudden braking almost got me to hit them: 2
People almost hit head on: 5
People almost rear ended: 3

I could probably come across more stuff to add to the list, but I think you get the point. Normally I would just think they were drunk, but, while I am sure there are some somewhere, there aren't a whole lot of drunks out @ 8:15 in the morning.

It most definitely made the trip home fun and exciting. :)

In other news… I was listening to "The Morning Hook-Up" with my boy "Brian Reznor" and Natasha, and they had an interesting story to tell...Apparently red is too harsh of a colour for kids to handle these days. Starting this year teachers will be grading papers with purple ink instead of red ink. To quote a teacher that they quoted: "If you see a whole paper of red, it looks pretty frightening."

SHUT UP! If you want frightening find that old blue Thunderbird that I was behind today and drive around with them for a while.
» from the homefront.
Well, hello there. This one makes it to you from the home front. That makes me so happy. I miss my computer, and what precious little time I spend on it these days!

So, here it goes. As you may or may not know, I work @ CBS 59 from 12a-8a. That being said, I do the early morning news. And that being said...I laugh constantly from 4:59 to 7:00. Morning and noon news shows are jokes. Complete crap. Here is today’s tail...

Bluefield is trying to get business down there. They are trying to rebuild their dead city or something like that. Well, there are using 3 things as big incentives for businesses to make Bluefield home.

1. Low crime rate. (Duh, it's West Virginia)

2. It is a high tech city. (Meaning they have DSL)

3. Bluefield State College (yeah, one of West Virginia's "dead" schools)

That alone would make me laugh...but that's not really too hard. It is what the mayor said in his interview that had them hearing me all the way in the newsroom.


"Bluefield State College is SUPERIOR to none."
-Mayor of Bluefield

What a difference a word makes. That quote would have worked out too much better for him if he would have just said "second", but he just couldn't do it. Doesn't matter though...all those businesses should come to Beckley anyway.
» buck's toy.
It has been a busy week and I could have typed so many different things in that subject box, but I thought that "Buck's Toy" took the cake. The post will be a jumbled hodgepodge of stuff because I am much more tired than I should be. Let's start with Buck's poor soul.

I am watching Rob's dog this week, and on my way back to mine and Wendi's humble abode, I discovered "Buck's Toy". I think Buck could need some help due to his choice in "toys". "Buck's Toy" was an early 90's model Buick Skylark. Poor Buck.

While on my way to work today I heard one of those Army/Navy commercials that litter the radio stations...only instead of just scoffing @ it, I found myself enjoying it because of the punchline:

"Rocket Science is a lot cooler when you really have rockets."

Go Navy, Go! Best military commercial ever!

And now to something political that has been pissing me off for the past few days:

What in the hell is John McCain doing with "W" all of a sudden???

I thought he was a Kerry man. A hater of the "W". I am so utterly confused about the whole matter.

Anyway, that moment I had is over. I need to make television happen, so I will have to talk to you children later.

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot...Todd Needs a Liver.
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