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here it goes... - There's blood on the moon.

About here it goes...

Previous Entry here it goes... Jan. 25th, 2005 @ 12:42 am Next Entry
Alright. Here goes nothin'. Check out the past few days in the Sopher house.

Wednesday, January 19th - On her way to class Wendi gets run off the road and gets into a nice little argument with a guardrail.

Thursday, January 20th - Leaving work, Wendi finds a slick spot while walking and goes down for the count...then her and went down to the hospital. My wife got broke. :(

Friday, January 21st - Try as we will, try as we might...not getting her cast on tonight!

Saturday, January 22nd - About a half an hour before the 6pm news the server with all of the video files from our tapeless news station died. Literally. All power supplies died including the backups. And we found out less than five minutes before we were on air the anchor’s mic didn't work. That made for an interesting show.

Sunday, January 23rd - Not actually bad except that two of the three teams I hate the most are in the Super Bowl. (FYI, Miami is @ the top of the list...I knew they weren't going to make it a long time ago.) ;)

Monday (aka, "Hell on Wheels"), January 24th - Finally got an appointment for Wendi to get her cast put on. On the way out to the car we both lost our balance going up a hill and went tumbling down. I don't think she enjoyed that too much, but she told me that I looked like I was flying when I dove to avoid her, so I guess that's pretty cool. We went and got her hot pink cast put on...highlight of the day right there. Later, she is just resting on the couch, and I have just put some stuff in the washer and drier...I have also began to cook dinner. Then the power goes out...like really goes out. After it was out for a half hour I took my happy ass to Macado's to get some food for us. As soon as I walked through the door the power was on...five minutes later it went back out...for three more hours! We stuck it out, but we were really damn cold.

The shadow puppets and kindergarten songs helped out alot though. Thanks dear!

Here's to a better week!
I seem to be feeling: soresore
Rockin' out to: White Stripes "Minneapolis, Minnesota 07.13.02"
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Date:January 25th, 2005 07:11 am (UTC)
Oh wow! Best wishes, hope things look up for you guys!

I'm having fun doing the slip-n-slide on the ice, myself. We Texans don't -get- ice, at least not like this.
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